About Us

Folklore Unleashed is a leading online platform dedicated to captivating, preserving, and sharing folktales from across the globe. Our mission is to celebrate the rich diversity of human storytelling traditions and make them accessible to a global audience. We envision a world where the power of folklore nourishes imaginations, fosters cultural understanding, and connects people through shared narratives.

Our History

Founded in 2012, Folklore Unleashed stemmed from the creative zeal and deep-rooted passion for folklore of our visionary founder, Hannah Dunn. Drawing upon her own broad experiences traveling the world, Hannah recognized the compelling beauty and universal appeal of folktales. She was driven by the desire to create a digital platform that would serve as a vibrant repository for these tales and help ensure their survival.

Founder – Hannah Dunn

As the guiding force behind Folklore Unleashed, Hannah Dunn has cemented her status as an authority in the realm of folklore. With a background in anthropology and a cherished fascination for stories from different cultures, Hannah possesses in-depth knowledge pertaining to the significance and impact of folklore throughout history. Her tireless dedication fuels the passion that has allowed Folklore Unleashed to flourish and become a global resource for enthusiasts of all ages.

Why We Created this Website

At Folklore Unleashed, we recognize the potential of technology as a powerful tool for story-sharing. By intertwining traditional narratives with modern innovation, we aim to bring these cherished tales into the digital age and engage a wider audience. Folklore truly comes alive when it is voiced and shared, and we are committed to preserving these narratives for current and future generations.

Website Objective

Our website has one clear objective: to create a reliable, comprehensive, and user-friendly platform where people can explore, enjoy, and discover the captivating world of folklore. Our team of experienced and highly skilled editors and contributors work tirelessly to curate and share the finest collection of folktales, ensuring each story is authentic and captivating.

Target Audience

Folklore Unleashed is designed to captivate audiences of all backgrounds and ages who appreciate the timeless appeal of folklore. We aim to provide a resourceful hub that educates and entertains, catering to individuals who seek to explore the customs, beliefs, and values embedded within these treasured tales.

Our Unique Value

What sets Folklore Unleashed apart is our commitment to quality and authenticity. Each tale that graces our platform has been meticulously vetted and expertly curated to ensure its cultural accuracy and engaging nature. Our team of experts continually works to source and narrate folklore from around the world, opening a gateway to immersive experiences and invaluable insights into diverse cultures, customs, and age-old wisdom.

From the moment you enter our digital kingdom, we invite you to explore the mesmerizing world of folklore, wander through tales that have traversed generations, and witness the enthralling universality of human stories. Together, let us unleash the magic and wonder of folklore, fostering a global camaraderie in our shared heritage through the pages of Folklore Unleashed.

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