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New song: “Mistakes” out now!

Finally we’re ready to share with you our latest work: “Mistakes”.
We worked really hard on this song that we produced ourselves and without any label support.
We started as a more traditional folk metal band but we evolved, this is a fact; we think that a band is not defined by its genre but from its sound and we will keep on experimenting new ways to express ourselves. We never wanted any bounds and we never will. This is what we are.
“Mistakes” was recorded at Black Mirror Studios in Italy.
The track was mixed by Luigi del Missier and mastered by Ted Jensen (LINKIN PARK, 30 SECONDS TO MARS, PARAMORE).

You can listen to the song here:

Or buy it on itunes or other major retailers:
Google play

We hope you’ll like it!
Fear the krampus!

New Video for “Butterflies On Fire” Out Now!!!

The new videoclip for Butterflies On Fire is finally out!!!

Get the song on
iTunes: http://goo.gl/TeXwec
BandCamp: http://goo.gl/1I8gZR

or Listen to it on
Spotify: http://goo.gl/NH2Ge4

Art by: Matteo “Falsoglabro” Fachini
Direction & Post-Production: Andrea Guarascio



About & Contact

  • Management: info at booyamusic dot net

    Booking: kristof at rtn-touring dot com

    Band: krampusfolk at gmail dot com


  • The fast-rising young Folk Metal stars of Krampus have always known how to impress: Garnering wide attention with their first demos only a few years ago, they have subsequently released their full-length debut in August 2012 to critical acclaim and followed up with a European tour joining Finland’s genre leaders Wintersun and Korpiklaani on Heidenfest. Upon completion of their tour, the band has returned to writing mode a mere 6 months after their last release, and is now emerging stronger than ever, with an evolved line-up and a brand new sound that shows multiple genres how it’s done. They have searched for and found their sound, perfecting modern influences and keeping their unique folk instrumentation alive at the same time – one of only a handful of bands succeeding in what many have tried in recent years.

    Not only are they out to upend a whole genre, but they’re taking on old conventions: Rather than jumping through hoops to get the necessary financing for a full album production, they have picked the best of a year’s worth of writing and went on to work with acclaimed producer Tommy Vetterli (EluveitieCoroner) at his high-end New Sound Studio in Switzerland – completely independently from any record label. Frontman Filippo Gianotti comments:
    “After we couldn’t find a deal that was right for us and allowed us to realize our vision, we decided to take matters into our own hands and book a week with Tommy Vetterli to record what we think is the best material we have so far – not just from this writing period, but our whole career. We’ve finally found our sound and we’re ready and eager to show it to the the world! We are also aware of the changes in the music industry, and are determined to make the best of it all. We feel strongly that part of this is openness and sharing with our fans. We want them to get a deep insight into our creative process and to hear the music we’ve been writing for them. So that’s why we will not sell the songs we’ve recorded in July – instead we will release them for free to everyone as a digital download, on September 4th, 2013!“ 


    Request more information at: info at booyamusic dot net